August 14, 2012

Review: Sigma Paris Palette

So I was lusting over this palette for awhile now... Weighing my options... Is it worth it to buy? Do I really need it? Don't I already have colors like this? All of those thoughts went out the window one day once I realized it was limited edition and this has turned into one of my favorite palettes ever! If you have been religiously following this blog, then y'all know how much I love the Sigma Paris Palette by now! But I still think it's worth it to give a full review with detailed swatches!

The Sigma Paris Palette

Isn't this outside packaging adorable? I almost kept it...

The outside of the palette itself

First look after opening!

Swatches are from left to right of the palette. Blushes & highlight are on top!

Blushes: Rouge, Peche, Lumiere
Eyeshadows: Eiffel, Seine, Louvre, Orsay, Elysees, Notre Dame, Triomphe, Versailles


Wearability: Honestly, when I first bought this palette I was worried I would have nowhere to wear it. This is quite the opposite! The first month that I had this palette I used nothing else. The colors are wearable on a daily basis if you can create your looks correctly! I really enjoy this palette and I would say it's essential to my collection at this point, because I have nothing else like it! I have found a few dupes for a few of the shadows, but it's convenient that they are all in one palette!

Packaging: I love this cute packaging. The size of the shadows are a very fair size, and I can appreciate that. They are definitely full-size!

Pigmentation: The swatch photo above shows it all... These are VERY pigmented shadows! Those swatches were only with ONE SWIPE and NO BASE! I swear, each one is so beautiful! Sigma Beauty has more swatches on their actual website. I find that Versailles is easier to work with when wet though, as it has chunks of glitter in it.

Fallout Factor: These are somewhat powdery shadows, so I would recommend doing your foundation/face routine AFTER doing your eyemakeup. I often get fallout with the darker shadows and Versaille when using this palette... but I love the colors so much that I don't even care ;)

Longevity: With a base, these shadows can wear until you decide to take them off! They don't fade or crease with a base either. I usually use MAC's "Painterly" paintpot or Urban Decay's primer potion or a combination of the two.

Consistency: These shadows are smooth, but powdery. Again, when used wet, they are beautiful! It eases down on the powerdy effect and reduces fallout. Overall though, I love it!

Price: At $59, this is a little pricier of a palette than I would normally buy. But again, since it's limited edition and I know it's great quality, I went for it! It is definitely comparable to MAC or Urban Decay shadows, so the price is right alongside those companies palettes. You can also find discount coupons from the beauty gurus who helped create it - Petrilude, XSparkage, and MakeupByTiffanyD are a few of them. I used one & got $10 off the overall price!

Overall: The Sigma Paris Palette is a MUST HAVE in my book! Since this is limited edition, I made sure to get my hands on it! So very happy I did! Although there is fallout and I have similar shadows for a few of the colors, the pros outweigh the cons for me! Also, it comes with two full size Sigma brushes which I also love!

Looks I've Done With This Palette:
Click the names of the looks for tutorials!

Parisian Peacock

Smoky Seine

Tempting Triomphe

Hope this helps anyone trying to decide if it's worth it or not! ;)


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  1. great review and the looks' samples are gorgeous!