August 21, 2012

Review: L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream

So I decided I would pick up this lovely new item in the drugstore! It was a BOGO at walgreens, so I didn't mind spending a little extra cash to try out a new product! I've been on the hunt still for a US company made BB cream that I can easily pick up in a drugstore when I run out, and I was hoping this was the one...

Love this packaging!

Since it was a BOGO, I went ahead and bought the Lumi foundation as well!

The display! :)

This packaging is flawless...

My hand is slightly tilted, so you can see the consistency isn't too runny. There are crystalized beads that match to your skin as well.

Swatch of the Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream in "Dark"
Definitely very shiney when it hits the light!

Another swatch without the light hitting it...



For Your Reference:
My Skin Type: Combination
Color Purchased: Deep

Wearability: As you can tell in the video, this BB Cream WILL NOT last if you have oily skin or even combination skin like I do. The above video was me using the BB Cream as a primer for my foundation, which is what I think BB Creams are for. If you like that dewy effect & you don't plan on wearing it long, then by all means, go for it. If you have oily/combo skin though, this won't work well into your routine. It didn't have any weird effects with my MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation though... so that's good news!

Packaging: I honestly do love the packaging. It's clean, pretty, and I do like the tip applicator. I don't recommend using a brush with this BB Cream, or with any lotion for that matter... It has pigmented beads that match your skin tone and I'm almost positive these are heat activated, so it reacts to the warmth of your hand rubbing the product onto your face. Regardless if that last statement is true, go ahead and use your fingers!

Pigmentation: The magic beads do match my skintone, but this doesn't give me any coverage. At all. Not even a little bit. If you have perfect skin, or nearly perfect, you might be able to get away with this.

Longevity: As I mentioned in the video, this won't last for longer than a few hours without looking greasy if you have combination or oily skin...

Consistency: This consistency is actually really good. You won't overuse it, and one dot (the same amount of the swatch above) will give you enough product to cover your whole face. It's not too runny and not too thick, so it is truly a perfect consistency for a BB Cream.
Price: For $10.99 at Walgreens drugstore, the price point is right if I actually had enjoyed the product... but I didn't so it's obviously not worth it to me.

Overall: I didn't like the oily mess of a look it was giving me. I would probably have kept if for the winter time if the price tag was cheaper, but it wasn't so I returned it! If you have dry skin skin, this product may be for you!
Have you tried the new L'Oreal BB Cream yet? What do you think?



  1. Ive been looking for a BB Cream to try out, I want to find a really good one. Is this one any good? would you recommend it?

    1. Hey Jess,

      If you read the review you'd find I don't recommend it... At least not in the summer! It might be worth it to try it out during the colder months, it's extremely oily... but keep the receipt just in case you don't like it!