May 31, 2013

Firmoo Glasses Review! Affordable Prescription & Non-Prescription Glasses

Hello my loves! Today I wanted to catch you up on a website I've been loving lately! contacted me for a review and needless to say, I fell in love with their inexpensive glasses! I am a prescription glasses wearer and I absolutely HATE spending money on expensive frames & lenses. I swear every time I purchase new glasses in various stores they run me about $150-300 and that's with my insurance! I will not be wasting that much on glasses every few years anymore thanks to Firmoo!

May 30, 2013

Nail Polish: "Jacqueline"

This nailpolish by Zoya is a warm creamy nude/neutral. I got this full size bottle from my May Ipsy Glam Bag! A great deal considering Ipsy is only $10/month and this polish alone retails for $8! I was hesitant about this color at first but it's kind of growing on me...

May 29, 2013

May Ipsy Glam Bag 2013 & Coupon Codes!

Hello loves! I recently signed up for Ipsy's monthly subscription service and I wanted to share with you what I received in my bag & the discount codes they emailed us! If you don't know what Ipsy is it is a subscription service that sends you a deluxe samples and/or full size products at a flat rate of $10 with free shipping! You also get really great discounts with the companies they are working with!

What I got in my May Glam Bag!

May 28, 2013

My Celebrity Style Inspirations

Hello my loves! I filmed a video a few weeks ago regarding my celebrity style inspirations, but I figured I should followup with a blog post right!? :) A lot of people tell me I have great style sense and I honestly feel guilty when they do because I just draw inspiration from celebrities! Not to say that I didn't come up with my outfits myself, but the style "sense" comes from some of these gorgeous celebrities that I will be mentioning!

January 23, 2013

Julep Maven: September, October, & November 2012

Ok so clearly I decided it's totally worth it to catch everyone up on this blog about multiple things in my beauty life, including Julep Maven. If you haven't checked out the blog post regarding how Julep Maven works, go ahead and click here

Done reading how it works and getting all caught up!? Good! Now you can get excited because here are all the items I've received over the past few months in my Julep Maven boxes! I've had quite a good experience with Julep so far, so I think I am going to continue on with the service:)


January 22, 2013

Julep Maven: An Introduction

OLD POST: But decided it's definitely worth publishing!

If you haven't heard of Julep Maven, clearly you have been living under a rock.... Just kidding!;) I hadn't heard of it until recently! I was watching youtube videos when I came across WatWouldLizzyDo's video about free nailpolish... Well, almost free... Ok so that got me curious... I started watching the video, and it happened to be about this awesome Seattle-based nailpolish company called Julep!