August 1, 2012

☼ Favorite Summer Nail Polishes ☼

Hello lovers! Can you believe it's already August?!?! I can't! I feel like 2012 is flying by so fast! While it's still summer, I wanted to go ahead and share my favorite summer nailpolishes with you all! I have been loving minty greens, brights, and sparkly colors... And of course, I had to hop on the neon-bandwagon! Haha!

"Blue" by Love & Beauty
I love this color... it just reminds me of the deep blue ocean and perfect summer days spent by the beach!

"Snowcone" by Orly
This color reminds me alot of Essie's "Bikini So Teeny" but a little lighter, which I love. Doesn't it just look like a clear blue sky!? :)

"Lovie Dovie" by Essie
This is one of my all-time favorite polishes ever! I love pink nail polish, and this is no exception! It's the perfect bepto bismal barbie pink! See more swatches of this color here!

"Mango Madness" by E.L.F.
This is more of a subdued orange, but I love it for that. It's not quite burnt orange, but it isn't quite bright obnoxious orange either! LOL! It's the perfect balance!

"Blue Mist" by E.L.F.
This color reminds me of another summer favorite of mine... Revlon's "Minted" (below)... however, this is a cheaper alternative and a little lighter!:)

"Turqoise & Caicos" by Essie
THIS COLOR... gosh, what can I say about it? It's absolutely gorgeous... So unique and reminds me of the bright colors you see in fashion on the islands! !

"Purple" by Love & Beauty
This color deserves a better name! LOL! It's so beautiful and so different... I love this over other bright polishes!

"Plum Seduction" by Revlon
This is a favorite of mine... Go ahead and see swatches of this polish here!

"Stunning" by Revlon
This reminds me of a disco ball! I just smile when I look at all the glitter chunks in it!:)

"Jamboree" by Sinful Colors
I wish this picture could show the duochrome effects that this polish has... It has a purple sheen to it! Gorgeous!

"Shocking Pink (Neon)" by China Glaze
Again, a very favorite of mine! BAM! Of course neon is really trendy right now too;) I've been wearing this for the summer on my toes!

"Minted" by Revlon
Gorgeous & simple... definitely a chic-er option for the summer! Perfect for work during the week.

"Orchid" by Love & Beauty
Again, the camera didn't really pick up on the duochrom effect, but this polish is beautiful! Has a pink sheen to it!

"Flip Flop Fantasy" by China Glaze
This is a cult favorite it seems for summer 2012! Everyone is wearing it & it's obvious why... It's the perfect summer color!

"Mad About Mango" by Revlon
This is a more subdued mango orange like the E.L.F. color, but still pretty!

What do you think, like them? Have you tried any of my favorites? What are some of your summer favorites?


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