May 28, 2013

My Celebrity Style Inspirations

Hello my loves! I filmed a video a few weeks ago regarding my celebrity style inspirations, but I figured I should followup with a blog post right!? :) A lot of people tell me I have great style sense and I honestly feel guilty when they do because I just draw inspiration from celebrities! Not to say that I didn't come up with my outfits myself, but the style "sense" comes from some of these gorgeous celebrities that I will be mentioning!

Kim Kardashian:

A fashion icon! I don't care how much hate I get for this, I love her fashion sense PRE-KANYE WEST! Lately she hasn't been rocking her curves like she used to... But pre-Kanye West she knew EXACTLY how to emphasize her curves while maintaining a sexy sophisticated look! Kim, if you ever read this, PLEASE don't listen to Kanye's fashion advice because you had it down perfectly! :)


Khloe Kardashian: 

Another gorgeous Kardashian sister! Khloe is tall like me, so I gain a lot of inspiration from her. She knows how to rock her curves and that is one of the most inspiring things I take away from Khloe's style: do what works for YOUR body - don't try and rock something that simply doesn't look good on your body type just because it's in! She's sexy & sophisticated, which allows for her crazy & wild personality to shine through... Kind of like mine! ;) 


Lauren Conrad:

Elegant and sophisticated are words that come to mind when I think of Lauren Conrad's style. Although she is classy, her style is never outdated. I absolutely love how she keeps things simple and mixes in classic pieces with current trends. 


Miley Cyrus: 

Miley has the style I wish I could force myself to have... Slowly but surely I am incorporating grunge-chic into my wardrobe! She has this girly-edgy look going on that I absolutely adore! Not sure if I could pull it off 100%, but I definitely take inspiration from her! From off the shoulder over-sized sweaters to combat boots, she has the hot rockstar style down.


Nicole Richie:

The epitome of boho-chic, this is a a girl who can rock any maxi dress and look amazing in it. When I'm feeling more relaxed and wanting to incorporate that feeling into my style, I reach for things that I know Nicole would wear. Her style is so put together, but seems effortless at the same time and I love it!


Eva Mendes:

Can I just say first off how absolutely STUNNING she is!? I think she is a timeless exotic beauty (if there is such a thing?) and I also think her style is timeless as well. She never makes bad fashion decisions, wether she is grocery shopping or walking the red carpet and I will always admire her. 


Want to hear me blab about this topic!? Watch the video;) 

Hope some of you guys found this interesting and helpful! The giveaway that was incorporated into this video is long over, but subscribe to my youtube channel and you can hear about future giveaways! :)

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