May 31, 2013

Firmoo Glasses Review! Affordable Prescription & Non-Prescription Glasses

Hello my loves! Today I wanted to catch you up on a website I've been loving lately! contacted me for a review and needless to say, I fell in love with their inexpensive glasses! I am a prescription glasses wearer and I absolutely HATE spending money on expensive frames & lenses. I swear every time I purchase new glasses in various stores they run me about $150-300 and that's with my insurance! I will not be wasting that much on glasses every few years anymore thanks to Firmoo!

The glasses on the website start at only $8/frame. You can add additional features like anti-glare for extra money for the lenses and you can choose your prescription. At first I was skeptical though! I didn't think I could choose a pair of glasses from a website and have them look remotely good on me. I have a larger face, and it's essential that I try on my glasses in person so I can see what they look like. I didn't expect the pair of glasses I ordered to look so good on me, but they did and I have Firmoo's virtual try-on & their pupillary distance systems to thank for it!

Virtual Try-On System
Their virtual system is extremely easy to work with! You can basically upload a photo of yourself (I recommend using one head-on so you get an accurate way of knowing what the glasses will look like on your face) and put in your pupillary distance and start trying on glasses virtually! As corny as it sounds, it works!

Pupillary Distance (PD)
Pupillary distance is essential for choosing out a good pair of glasses. PD is the distance between your pupils in millimeters. As states on their website, "Your PD is very important for accurately fitting your lenses to achieve vision acuity." THIS IS SO TRUE. There were multiple glasses I had looked at on the website that were out of my PD range and I'm SO happy that I took the time to measure my PD so I was able to find a pair of glasses that looked good on my face. For more on PD, check out Firmoo's website.

This picture is directly from showing an example of PD.

First Pair Free Program
There is also a First Pair Free program where you can get your FIRST PAIR COMPLETELY FREE! Are you kidding me!? This website keeps getting better and better! Details per below using coupon code FIRMOOFREE

  1. All free code eligible eyewear at this page is offered in limited quantities every day. First come, first served!
  2. For new customers only. One pair per person.
  3. All free frames come complete with 1.50 single vision lenses, complimentary cases, cleaning cloth and other accessories. You just need to pay shipping. 
  4. Full refund for dissatisfaction.
  5. This offer is open to U.S., Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand, etc. 

Here is the video version of this review! :)

Style I Chose
The style I ended up choosing is LYST5111. They come in multiple colors and I am in love with them! They are very durable and fit my large face perfect! I'm overall very impressed with this website and the customer service was equally amazing!

Overall I highly recommend this website. You can currently get 20% off PLUS free shipping with coupon code WELCOME or take advantage of their first pair free program if it's your first time ordering! Regardless if I work with in the future, I will be ordering from them again!


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