April 13, 2012

My Current Wishlist: Spring 2012

Hello ladies! ! So... I have a confession to make... I have a personal wishlist of items that I've been eyeing. Sometimes I buy the things off of my wishlist, and other times I end up realizing that I dont *really* want them that badly. I think it's healthy to wait it out and make educated decisions instead of impulse buying items I don't really want! ! ;) Here is a list of the current things I've been trying to justify buying! LOL!

Classic Black Canvas Toms
These would be sooooo adorable for those summer days... Exploring the city or going to a BBQ... I can see the outfit possibilities in my head already...

White Aldo Bag

So clean, so crisp... perfect for me! I have a sophisticated almost boring style... I love clean cut items! This would match everything and anything! I need!

Forever 21+ Jeans - In A Smaller Size!

I already have a pair of these "plus size" jeans... Ummm since when is a size 14 plus size?! That's the average size American woman! ! Anyway, I am actually wearing these right now! But because I've been losing so much weight from the Advocare 24 Day Challenge, I need a smaller size! Hellllllo size 12;)

Coral High-Low Forever 21+ Dress

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS CORAL TREND. Seriously, it compliments almost every skintone, and I can't wait to wear it all throughout a spring and summer this year! Love the funky high-low hemline. Since I'm so plain normally, the hemline would totally mix things up a bit!

Mint Forever 21+ Top

This mint trend is also on-point in my opinion. It's soft, feminine, and pretty! I really like the detail on this blouse, so gorgeous! I normally wear an XL in Forever 21+ items, as size L is just a little too small... and I would rather not have to deal with shrinkage! For only $25, this top is a steal.

What have you been lusting over? Anything on my wishlist you'd buy? :)



  1. Carlene~ I am loving your blog! I would love to follow along. But, I don't see any place to subscribe? Getting ready to do my first 24 day challenge and find you inspirational! See ya! Elizabeth

  2. Hello love! You should be able to follow me via google! I will make sure to add that ASAP if it isn't already! ! I'm glad you enjoy it and thank you, that means more than you know! Xoxo