May 9, 2012

Lusting After Beauty Goods...

Hey there! So I have been thinking of a few products I want to try lately... And they are swirling around in my head... Instead of trying to remember them all, I decided to do a blog post and share! :)

The Sigma Paris Palette

I'm obsessed with this packaging! !

Aren't these colors to die for!?

Just my style when it comes to blushes - noticeable but natural!

I haven't tried any of Sigma's makeup yet, but I am in loveee with their brushes, so I'm sure this makeup palette would deliver! Looks like this Paris Palette is limited edition... So I'm going to have to order this ASAP to make sure I get my hands on it! GORGEOUS color choices, and they truly did a great job, because they match the Paris theme perfectly! Gotta love Sigma products!

Colored Clip-In Extensions

Wouldn't these be fun? For a night out on the town, just clip them in and style with the rest of your hair for a pop of color! I've never played with bright colors in my hair before, so I've been wanting to try these! And they are under $5/each! :) Not to mention, I don't have to order them online, I can just buy them at my local Sally Beauty Supply!

Hair Chalk

Yes, that's right... I said chalk. It's the new craze! I'm sure you've seen it on pinterest if you happen to have an account on there... And I love it! I think it's great, and although there are specific chalks out on the market for your hair, you can use plain chalk pastels as well (NOT oil pastels though)! Here is step by step instructions! It's just as temporary as the clip in extensions, but you can have more options with where the color goes with this method! Genius.

Nail Stamper Kit

My friend Diana did my nails the other day for my birthday, and dang this nail stamper is another genius idea! I think I need to get into doing my nails again... Also available at Sally Beauty Supply!

I know it's not that much... I don't really NEED any of the above... but a girl can dream! What are you looking forward to purchasing? Anything on my list you wouldn't mind having on your vanity? ;)


All photos came from the websites that the products are from, links provided in descriptions. Thank you!


  1. Hair chalk sounds fun to use.:D

    ***** Marie *****

    1. Doesn't it?! And it'll just wash right out when I don't want it in anymore... genius! I still need to get some! ! :)

  2. I really want to try the sigma paris pallet too but I have never tried their eyeshadow before and am kind of scared to spend sixty dollars on makeup that could be crap!!

    1. Hey girl! So... I bought it! And it was my first time buying Sigma eyeshadows/makeup before... I love their brushes but I wasn't so sure either. Well, I definitely DON'T regret it! I've made 2 tutorial videos on "looks" I've done with it at and I absolutely love the palette - Used it everyday since I've gotten it! It is $60 with tax & shipping if you use code PETRILUDE for $10 off your order! So worth it & it's limited edition! ;)