February 20, 2012

Quality Product Alert: eBay Lashes

Hi y'all! I will rarely say this about a product, but I am so happy that I insist that you MUST go buy these! You will not be disappointed, and if you are? Well, you're only out $1 for the product and $1 for shipping.

eBay False Eyelashes

Images courtesy of http://stores.ebay.com/dayxmas

These lashes are really good! They photograph with a little bit of a reflective glare and you have to cut the ends a little to get rid of the excess eyelash, but for $0.10, who cares!? I'm pretty sure I can get over that. The eBay seller I purchased them from is http://stores.ebay.com/dayxmas and they shipped almost immediately. Since they are coming from Hong Kong, give if a few weeks depending on your location, but I received mine only 1 week after ordering! Such a steal... I'm a very happy girl :)


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